Jumat, 14 Maret 2014

Wedding Planning Checklist

Wedding planning checklist is very useful so that you can really properly prepare your wedding, so the wedding can go according to your wishes. Determine your wedding planning checklist can do from one year before getting married. If indeed you have really determine your life partner then start to talk about the seriousness of your marriage. Begin to plan and discuss when you will get married, talk together with your family and the people concerned. Make sure you have enough money to finance the wedding. With the wedding planning checklist, you may be able to analyze the processes and financing your wedding. The point is you have to really believe that you can do it all.

Discussion about wedding planning checklist can be started from the discussion how the event will be held, the location of the event is to be held, an analysis of the cost of the event and equipment rental or place, select and specify the invitations, dresses and fashion design will be used, the date and time of the event wedding , until an overview process occurrence of weddings. Wedding planning checklist that you should apply for 1 year before the wedding starts is :

Wedding planning checklist

12 months before the wedding day
  • Determine the date and day of the wedding
  • Booked the wedding hall
  • Determine the theme of the wedding
  • Prepare a wedding budget analysis
  • Draw up a guest list
  • Prepare invitations
  • Selection of wedding rings
  • Design a wedding sequence
8 months before the wedding day
  • Setting up video shooting
  • Prepare photographer
  • Book a wedding car
  • Contacting wedding organizer
  • Ordering catering, decorations and music accompaniment.
  • Prepare orders of clothing and fashion model
  • Wedding cake
6 months before the wedding day
  • Plan ceremony and reception
  • Determine the invitation letter
  • Choosing bridesmaids
  • Order the other marriage accessories
1-2 months before the wedding
  • Send wedding invitations
  • Prepare all the needs that have been planned
And when the wedding day arrives hopefully running smoothly.

Wedding planning checklist will determine your wedding to run properly. The material above is just a glimpse of the wedding planning checklist. If you want to honeymoon please plan based on your financial budget. Look for an inexpensive place to honeymoon if you think you have not good finances. Set up a budget in order to create efficiencies and savings. In contrast, if you have a good financial condition, you can organize a lavish wedding ceremony in accordance with what you would expect. You can hire a top band or go honeymoon to other parts of the world. Wedding planning checklist is a picture of how the process before the order until your wedding can do. Determine ideas and wedding planning checklist that  good for all that you hope will be achieved well too. I hope that your  marriage can be able to walk properly. Please do a wedding planning checklist.

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